Throwing up is my favorite thing to do!

So I spent my night last night throwing up. I didn't eat at all on Tuesday just cuz I didnt have time then I went to work and didn't eat till after work when we ordered Dominoes. I ate way too much and felt sick. So I tried to like keep it in and just breathe, you know. So I ended up throwing up 5 times total and being awake until 6:30 AM. It really sucked when I had to be at work at 11. I had no one to work for me cuz everyone had classes and school. Yeah, I still don't feel well and I had to cancel my birthday dinner with my dad which sucked.But now I'm off to bed cuz I have class tomorrow morning bright and early.... atleast that all I have to do tomorrow

Yes, It's alright to be a redneck ;)


Ok so this week is going to be pure HELL for me :-/ I started my new job today, which was kinda boring cuz it was all training and stuff and I'm sure it will go faster during real stuff. Geoffreys said I didnt give them enough time to plan for me not working so they asked me to pick up a few days to help them out.....

8-10 Go get Jenni and Falon's drug tests
10-530 Work
6-9 My Organizational Leadership Class

10-530 Work
6-930 Business Law Class

10-6 Work
6:30-10 Work at Geoffreys

10-6 Work
The rest of the night I get to relax and have a movie and alcohol night with the girls

1-5 Sociology Class (Where I have an exam that I need to find time to study for)
5:30-10 Work at Geoffreys
11 Going to Lyndsey's 21st Birthday Party

Yay for sleeping in!!!
4-930 Work at Geoffreys

And Monday starts all over again.... minus the 2 days I had to work (Thursday and Saturday) Hopefully I can find some time to hang out with Bradley :-/ Cuz I saw him last night and had so much fun! Lisa and I went to Crossroads again to meet up with Bradley, Jared, Adam and Vanessa. Bradley is so fun and I like him so much. Plus, his friends are kick ass! Vanessa told me that she thinks we'd be cute together but warned me that he's a redneck... but you know, I don't really care. He's fun and makes me laugh every time we hang out. He called me at 4 last night and left me this long voice mail about how he had fun and wanted me to have a great day at work and how I should call him when I got off. I didn't call him cuz I knew if I did, I'd never get any of my schoolwork done and this is the only time that I have any time to do any :-/ But hopefully he'll call me tomorrow and want me to come to the Knotty Pine... cuz that's what they usually do on Tuesdays and I love going there and hanging out with all of them... even if it does make me hella tired and want to die the next day haha So, I'm off to do some homework and study cuz I have an exam coming up :-/
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Your Passion is Pink

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Your New Years Resolution Should Be: Tell your boss to screw off

Seriously. You know you really, really want to.
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Your Summer Love Style is Serious
While others may be into a summer fling, you're about the real thing.
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Just don't get tempted by any of that hot weather eye candy!


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So today, I woke up at 730 with HORRIBLE side pains. I woke up my mom and she took me to the emergency room. OMG they were BAD! So we have to wait and wait and wait and I'm sitting in this wheelchair in horrible pain. Finally, they take me to a room and get me an IV and give me some medicine. By this time, I'd thrown up 2 times at the hospital and once at home. So the pain medication and stuff to make me less nausious (sp?) didn't work at all and then finally, after another hour of pain, they give me some demeral. That did the trick and I fell asleep and waited for the doctor to come in.... Kidney Stone. Uggg, I thought only old people got kidney stones. So a new nurse comes in and has to take me to get X-rays. As soon as I get in the chair, I was like oh shit... not to mention that something was wrong with it and so it was a bumpy ride to the x-rays. So as soon as we stop, I'm like, mom, I need to get to a bathroom NOW. And right after I said that, I threw up all in my hand... yeah, gross as hell. So I get one x-ray, then they put this dye in me so they can see it and instantly the pain comes back in my side. So I have to lay there and get 7 more x-rays and I'm still nauseated and in pain. When she's done, I go back to my room in the bumpy ass wheelchair and stay there for like 30 minutes until the doctor comes in and tells me that its not blocking anything and I should pass it in a few days. They give me medicine and then it takes like another 45 minutes for the nurse to come take out my IV. So I finally can go home... yay! Still feeling a little queasy but I'm gonna try to go over to Nikky's for movie night. I need it!

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My sister got on my livejournal and read everything that I had written... still pissed and will be for a while
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